Strategic Partners

We offer a very comprehensive application process. We will be your strategic partners right from idealization to application.

Course-specific Insights

Having spent immeasurable time understanding the offerings of each program we have the necessary data and insights about the admissions process at each of the top schools.

Story Telling

We offer an unparalleled storytelling experience which will highlight your unique characteristics to the admissions committee and enhance your acceptance.

What we do?


Comprehensive Services

The Comprehensive service offers complete guidance for your education journey. We being with goal development, university/ course selection, application strategy, interview preparation, the final selection of admits, and visa process.


Profile Building

A holistic profile carries a lot of weightage on applications and helps build a rock-solid application. We help in identifying the gaps and recommend approaches to bridge them basis your goals.


Digital Presence

We will guide you to develop and accentuate your digital presence on LinkedIn or your activities/ inputs on Quora, Blogs, etc. In all, we will help you represent yourself on different platforms.


University/ Course selection

We understand it is very daunting to select the right universities/ courses given the myriad options across the globe. We will help you shortlist the universities best suited for your long term goals.


Application Strategy

Application is not just about the essays, SOP, Resumes and recommendations. It’s about bringing out your best game forward and giving the admissions committee a sneak peek into your overall persona. We help in bringing your best game forward by telling your story.


Interview Strategy

For undergrad and business school applicants, a personal interview is one of the biggest challenges in the admission process. We will help you create the best impression during the interview with our coaching.


WaitList Analysis

Stuck in the “Waitlist” limbo can be stressful, we can help you assess your candidacy and strategize the ‘dos and don’ts’ of communicating with the school during this critical time.



We understand it is daunting to sift through endless documents or even how to procure them. We will help you in understanding the kind of documents needed at every stage of the application.


Visa process

We help you with the entire visa process right from breaking down the requirements, figuring out what documents to carry to practicing mock visa interviews

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people talk

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you our product. Instead, here are some students that will do the hard work for us.

Krupa is one of the best overseas education consultants one can ask for. She was my mentor for my Master’s in Quantitative Finance application in the United States. Since she pursued her MBA from the US, she brings in a lot of experience of pursuing an overseas degree, living in a foreign country, and making connections with professionals around the globe. She is unlike other overseas education consultants and doesn’t spoon feed you the universities and the country you should be applying to and won’t give you the SOP’s and LOR’s as other consultants do, without your own efforts in drafting the same. In the process, you get to learn how to write your own SOP, LOR and how to change it for each university you apply to. You understand how to choose your program and the universities. Krupa is a wordsmith and helps you make one of the finest SOP, LOR, and Resume. She is one of the best mentors I had during my preparation for overseas education. With her help, I got into the top 10 programs in Quantitative Finance.
Mechanical Engineer, Johnson Controls
Admits - NCSU, Rutgers Business School, Illinois Instiitute Technology, Stony Brook, Stevens, Trinity College Dublin,
I had tried my luck with two counselors but failed to get good admits despite having a decent profile GRE-323 and TOEFL-113. My recommendations and SOP lacked the personal touch. At Elevate, Krupa understood my profile, dug deep into my life journey, and made me question several decisions that I had taken. The process was more of an eye-opener. She then helped me formulate an application strategy. If you want your perspective and a personal touch to your application, Elevate is the right place for you. The only way to make an outstanding SOP is to put in the work yourself and at Elevate Krupa helped me to achieve this precisely by guiding me and motivating me to put in the work in stead of generalizing my SOP and LOR in a template which most counselors do. My SOP and LOR represented me and not just any other applicant. Apart from application documents, Elevate also taught me how to conduct my research and the right questions to ask for making decisions regarding applications.The best takeaway from working with Elevate is, it also focuses on Networking which no other counselors do. They are still in touch with me and are opening up their networks and connections for me. It is the one thing that Elevate is doing right while most counselors are not! I am pleased that I worked with Elevate consulting. It has been a hassle-free yet most rewarding ride, right from the selecting universities to the Visa Process.
Software Developer
Admits - Univeristy of Melbourne, RMIT, Monash University


About Us

Krupa Shah (Founder)

Elevate founder: Krupa Shah

Krupa has 10+ years of professional experience in globally renowned firms such as EY, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, etc. She is an engineer and an MBA in Finance & Strategy from Simon Business School, University of Rochester.
After her MBA, she had secured admission at Georgetown University, and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University – ranked in the top 5 for a degree in International Business and Development. She started mentoring colleagues and friends aspiring to study abroad and was instrumental in helping them draft their application materials. She has worked with prospects applying to top universities in the US, Canada, and Germany.

Arun Malhotra (Advisor)

Arun has 27+ years of professional experience in a reputed Investment Bank, hedge fund, and now runs his Investment firm.

He has been instrumental in mentoring students and has the necessary skill set to assist them in building a stellar profile. He has mentored more than 50 students who have eventually gotten accepted at top universities such as Yale, Brown, Berkeley Haas, etc. He is an engineer and an M.B.A from FMS Delhi and Simon Business School, University of Rochester.

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